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House Team Coach



Trained at:

i.O., The Annoyance, CIC



Christine Wines

Christine Wines is a performer and self-proclaimed “Twitter Personality” recently transplanted from Chicago, IL, USA to Sydney.

She has been performing theatre since the eighth grade, the better half of her life at this point; and improv since 2011. She performed in Houston for 2 1/2 years with ComedySportz professionally and her indie team from college, Phortasics (don’t try and pronounce it’s an awful name she regrets suggesting).

Christine has been in Chicago for the last three years, and trained at iO, Annoyance, CIC theater and jammed around with as many people as she could.

She performed weekly at the iO theatre with her Harold team, Devil’s Daughter and she played just about every week with Great Lakes Activity Center. She also performed with a team called the Heatfreaqs, Bobby Cannavale’s Secret, and Batman and Robin Sherbatsky.

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