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Looking for Laugh Masters Academy improv class locations? You’ve come to the right place.


All class listings have up to date maps. Please check your class description for your exact class location. If you are lost feel free to contact your teacher and they can advise you on how to get to your class.

Laugh Masters Academy – Surry Hills, Sydney

Find us in Sydney, nearly all our classes are conveniently located near Central Station at the New South Wales Teachers Federation Conference Centre. Say that five times fast.

And most of our shows are at The Forresters Hotel upstairs comedy room.

Laugh Masters Academy – Parramatta, Sydney

Parramatta opens Term 2, 2020

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Laugh Masters Academy – North Melbourne

Find us in Melbourne, nearly all our classes are conveniently located in North Melbourne at The Voltaire Theatre, or Verve Studios in the CBD.

And almost all our shows are at The Voltaire as well.


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