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Laugh Masters Academy is located in Surry Hills, NSW. and N. Melbourne, VIC. Join the waitlist to get notified when our Parramatta location opens in 2020!

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We run FREE intro to improv classes on the second Saturday of every month.

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Join the fastest growing comedy school in the Southern hemisphere.

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We take funny seriously

The best improv classes are at Laugh Masters Academy - #1 best improv school reviews
The best improv classes are at Laugh Masters Academy - #1 best improv school reviews


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When and where our improv theatre shows are on in Sydney and Melbourne.

Improv Festival

LMA produces The Australian Improv Comedy Festival. June 5-7, 2020. Join us!

Improv is for everyone

Improv isn’t just for Comedians. It teaches clearer communication, faster thinking, improved creativity, confidence, and more. But don’t take our word for it, listen to what LMA Students have to say about their experience and then read: Who Should Take Improv & Why.

The future is sketchy

Do you love Sketch Comedy? Do you scour YouTube for the latest Saturday Night Live episodes? Do you aspire to write, perform, or produce funny things for other people to watch? LMA’s comedy writing classes, improv-to-sketch training, and our production arm, Comedy & Co. can help you find a future in the funny business.

Let's get down to business

LMA’s Professional Development Programs will improve your team’s presentation and communication skills, help them think quickly, react confidently, and behave authentically, as well as provide invaluable tools for collaboration.

We're taking off!

Our unique curriculum is expanding in Surry Hils, North Melbourne, and soon Parramatta with more Instructors, Classes, and Shows. Don’t miss out: Connect with @laughmasters on social media to save with Early Bird Rego and hear about upcoming events.

Level Up & Unlock More Funny Stuff

Here at LMA we often get asked how people can get more involved with the school, and in particular, shows…

You Shaved My Legs! Eight Weeks with Laugh Masters Academy

LMA’s Term 4 intern, Conner Harden, shares his week-by-week experience as an LMA level 1 improv student.

Annoyance Theatre Summer Intensive Review by LMA Laugh Masters Academy TA
Review: Summer Improv Intensive at the Annoyance Theatre

Our TA Tony Spirovski shares his recent experience at The Annoyance in Chicago

LMA Improv theatre teacher Amanda Hood
Nervous Student to Confident Teacher

A once anxious student had her life completely turned around because of improv. And it all started with a flyer.

Half Year Hustle

It’s been a wild ride these past 6 months. Starting off with a new Level 5 Improv class, an All Hands meeting, a new ensemble, oh, and an inaugural improv festival! Phew!

LMA Corporate Training improv for business
Another Way to Get Your Next Class FREE

Imagine how great going to work would be if everyone in your office had improv training! We have what you need to make it happen.


Five Good Reasons to Choose Laugh Masters Academy

Chicago Born

Our teachers have trained at the top schools in LA, New York – and Chicago – the official birthplace of Improv & Sketch comedy.

Small Classes

Unlike some improv theatre classes we keep ours at around 15 people so everyone gets personal attention and instruction.

We Teach What You Watch

The people you love on TV and in films, from Tina Fey to Steve Carell, all trained in Long Form Improv.

We Got Your Back!

Some improv theatre classes focus on “winning,” but improv isn’t a sport. We’re collaborative, not competitive.

Life Skills

Our Level 1 Improv Classes are as much about becoming a better human as they are about being funny.

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