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LMA is currently restructuring as a not-for-profit with new leadership. Thank you for your patience and support as we prepare for LMA 2.0. Subscribe for updates. And in the meantime, for the best improv-based corporate training in AsiaPac, nobody does it better than PowerProv.

No joke.
Improv is seriously good for business.


At LMA we teach what we call the “ensemble philosophy.” Every performer on stage during a show has one job: To make everyone else look like a genius. To support and validate their ideas. To make them look good. And to work together towards the common goal of putting on a great show.

Put simply, everyone has everyone else’s back.

This philosophy can easily be applied to a corporate context. After all, most of us work in teams at the office. We all want to look and feel like geniuses. We all want our ideas supported and to create our own success.

And most of all we all want to be a part of something bigger than just ourselves.

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Just say "No" to trust falls.

Check out our business improvisation site and learn why we call it “Yoga for your communication skills”

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You’ll go further in life if you know how to listen, work collaboratively, respond to failure, and adapt when the unexpected happens. And PowerProv training will help.