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There are a lot of places to take an improv class in Australia, but if you’re an Actor who wants to get better at auditioning and maybe get to LA one day, you need to train in long-form improv.

Most improv classes in Sydney and Melbourne, and across Australia for that matter, tend to be short-form improv classes. One clue to watch out for is if they call it “impro.”

Short-form improv is fun and funny, but for serious Actors looking for tools and techniques they can apply to their scripted work, the feedback we consistently get is that it just doesn’t deliver. And so, many Actors often wonder why they should bother in the first place. Especially when all the improv they see on TV is goofy, wacky (very funny) shows like Whose Line and Thank God You’re Here.

At LMA we don’t teach goofy. We don’t teach wacky. And we don’t teach TheatreSports.

We teach a refined curriculum based on the Chicago long-form style and LA sketch comedy formats that have become famous around the world and launched the careers of many a Writer, Producer, Director and Filmmaker, let alone a very, very long list of film, TV and stage Actors.

Our Instructors will help you:

  • Build self-confidence
  • Improve quickness and wit
  • Lose inhibitions and audition better
  • And learn to react rather than “act”

You’ll get better at:

  • Focusing on scene partners
  • Discovering more freedom of expression
  • Learning to make quick, committed choices
  • And enjoy a new ease when it comes to creating characters

And as you’ll hear in the videos on this page and on our YouTube channel, improv training is becoming more expected of Actors at all levels.

So if you’ve taken every acting class you can find, but you’re not getting the gigs you want, or you just want to audition at the top of your intelligence, then consider taking an improv class at LMA.

After just one term, if you’re not hooked, you’ll at least understand why most Hollywood Agents consider improv training for actors to be mandatory.

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