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House Team Coach



Trained at:

i.O., UCB



Alistair Magee

Alistair Magee has travelled the world performing and learning improv.

He’s trained at iO and UCB. As part of C3Something in London, he was able to perform weekly with various teams and train with internationally renowned teachers. As well as London, he’s performed in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Finland, Sweden and Spain.

As a Coach, Alistair will help your troupe be better at the improv you find fun. Want to play fast? Want to play super grounded and real? Strong premise initiations or finding the fun in an organic start, Alistair will help you achieve better scene work and believable characters. And beyond scenework, if there is a particular form for your show you want to work on, he’s performed and trained in Harolds, monoscenes, the pretty flower, Armando style shows, Tracers/close quarters/vantage point, the macroscene, the movie form and many others.

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