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Participation guidelines for all classes and workshops at LMA.

Please ensure that you understand all of the following before participating in any and all Laugh-Masters Academy events, classes, or workshops. These Guidelines outline our expectations for all Students, Teachers, Contractors, Volunteers, etc. and “ignorance” will not be accepted as an excuse for violating these Guidelines. It’s also a good idea to make sure you fully understand all the Terms & Conditions as a condition of your enrolment.

PLACEMENT: Most new students will be expected to start their training at LMA in Improv Level 1 regardless of any prior Australian acting, writing or improv experience. In some instances, an exception may be made at the discretion of the Artistic Director. This most common situation where we may exempt a new student from Level 1 is if they have prior training at any of the LA or Chicago based schools with whom we collaborate on our curriculum. These include The Second City, The Groundlings, iO, UCB, and the WestSide Comedy Theater.

AGE RESTRICTIONS: Unless specifically listed as a youth or teen class, all LMA classes are intended for people aged 18 years and over. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Artistic Director and a signed release form is mandatory.

LANGUAGE SKILLS: A working proficiency of English is a prerequisite of all LMA workshops and classes.

ATTENDANCE: You are expected to attend any scheduled meetings, classes or pre-show rehearsals for activities with which are involved. If you know you are going to be unable to attend please inform your co-workers, teacher, director or stage manager as soon as possible. In our regular eight-week classes, you will be expected to attend a minimum of six classes in order to be eligible to advance to the next level at your teacher’s discretion. If you miss more than two classes, you may continue to participate in any remaining classes, but your ability to advance may be restricted as a result. Please arrive on time for class as late arrivals are disruptive and may result in you being counted as absent.

TIMELINESS: You are expected to arrive punctually in advance of your meeting, class, rehearsal or call time on the date of a performance, and to listen carefully to any important information or safety guidelines that are announced. If you know you are going to be late please inform your co-workers, teacher, director or stage manager and bring yourself up to speed regarding any important information or safety issues as soon as possible after arrival.

HEALTH ISSUES: You are required to bring to the attention of your colleagues, teacher, director or stage manager any physical or medical condition that may affect your work or participation in classes, rehearsals or performances. Once informed of your condition LMA will seek to accommodate your participation in the activity in a way that is safe for you and for those around you, but understand that you have a responsibility to ensure that you don’t engage in any activities which will place yourself or any other person at an increased risk of harm.

SHOWS: Every Laugh-Masters Academy class (except Level 1) ends with a Graduation Show. All students are invited to attend and perform. If for any reason you cannot attend your Grad Show, please inform your teacher.

OTHER SHOWS: Other than performing, one of the best ways to improve is to watch and analyse other people’s shows. At LMA we consider attending improv and sketch comedy shows a mandatory component of your professional development and highly encourage you to check out your fellow teachers, students and the regular comedy nights and Grad Shows.

AUDIENCE INTERACTION: Staff, students, performers and crew at classes and public performances have a particular responsibility to act with consideration towards your colleagues and the audience. All persons should refrain from any statement or action that may reasonably be expected to discomfort or distress a fellow student, performer or member of the audience.  Audience members may, with an appropriate manner and good humour, be encouraged to interact with a performance or provide scene offers or suggestions from their seats, but should not be compelled to do so or be made to feel uncomfortable if they don’t want to interact with the performance. Audience members may with due care and consideration be encouraged to leave their seats and sit, stand, talk or move around on an ordinarily safe stage, but in such cases, they should not be asked to undertake any unusual physical exertions or made to participate in any activities which might be considered to be unsafe. Under no circumstances should a member of the audience be compelled to leave their seat or made to feel uncomfortable as a result of their choice to become involved with the performance or to refrain from doing so. It is never appropriate to discomfort, humiliate, demean or abuse a member of the audience. They have come to the performance to have fun, not to be made fun of. Please understand that you are required to act at all times in accordance with the properly issued directions of any authorised representative of LMA, whether that be a staff member, teacher, director, stage manager, show technician or other authorised person.

ADVANCEMENT: Your ability to advance in the LMA curriculum is based on several factors including a demonstrated proficiency of the material taught, attitude, attendance, and your teacher’s recommendation. At the end of every class, you will receive feedback from your Instructor. If for any reason you disagree with your Pass/Repeat evaluation you may discuss your case with the Artistic Director.

HOUSE TEAMS: Laugh-Masters has auditions for House Teams approximately every six months in January and June and/or as needed to keep performer numbers up. Information about how/when to audition will be posted on this site and can be discussed with any LMA staff. Participation in LMA classes, workshops and/or events does not guarantee you a spot on a House Team.

CONTACT POLICY: Laugh-Masters Academy teachers and admin staff typically use email as the primary method of communication with you outside of class hours. In rare instances, we may contact you via phone or text message. By registering at LMA you also opt-in to our mailing list, which you can unsubscribe from should you so desire. We hope you don’t. And we never spam.

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