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Dear Actors, Sorry...

Dear Actors,

We know you’ve been burned.

We know there’s lots of cowboy outfits out there teaching all sorts of “improv” classes, and from what we’ve been told, chances are you didn’t quite get what you’d hoped for from your last one.

Maybe you took a class led by someone who attended one or two workshops at a school in LA or Chicago and now think they’re qualified to teach.

Maybe you graduated from an Actors Studio or other drama program that offers improv as a course, not because they love, live and breath it, but because they think they should, or see an opportunity to make a quick buck.

Or maybe you’ve seen an improv comedy show or two, but can’t make a connection between that and the scripted work you do on stage.

At LMA Improv is our life.

We don’t teach goofy. We don’t teach weird. And we don’t teach TheatreSports.

We teach real skills based on the Chicago long form style and LA sketch comedy formats that have become famous around the world and launched the careers of many a Writer, Producer, Director and Filmmaker, let alone a very, very long list of film, TV and stage Actors.

If you’re open to the idea of giving Improv another try, come to LMA. Our Instructors will help you gain self-confidence, improve quickness and wit, lose your inhibitions and audition better.

You’ll learn to react rather than “act.”

You’ll get better at focusing on scene partners, discover more freedom of expression, learn to make quick, committed choices, and enjoy a new ease when it comes to creating characters.

Take a look at what some of our students have to say about their LMA experience in the video above and decide for yourself.

There’s lots of places to take an improv class in Australia, but only one place to truly learn from the best.

Sorry we couldn’t be here sooner.