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Thank you to all the amazing people who came out to audition for a spot on one of LMA’s Sydney House Teams.

This term we trialled a new audition format which will be the standard moving forward. It’s simpler, more efficient, and gives performers more time to strut their stuff in a show-like environment. We had a great turnout of talented and wonderful people and we are so excited to see your enthusiasm, and our community grow.

We’ve filled the vacant spots on SHUTUP DARRYL and LOLWHUT and have decided to no longer have a Practice Team. This decision was made for two reasons.

  1. We want to encourage people to form Indie Teams. So rather than being put on a practice team, anyone who wants to perform, but didn’t get a spot on a House Team (this time), should find people they want to play with, form an indie team, and hit us up for stage time.
  2. We didn’t like the name “Practice Team.” Yes, it was us who came up with it, but it doesn’t sound fun and we’re sorry.

If you decide to form an indie team, one thing you really should do is get yourself a coach. It’s vital to your improvement as an improviser. And of course, keep taking classes and coming to workshops. We will find opportunities for you to perform!

If you didn’t make it onto a House Team this time, don’t despair. LMA will be holding more auditions and forming more teams next term. So you’ll get lots more chances.

If you did make it onto an LMA House Team, congratulations!

We’ve got two amazing Coaches for you to work with: Jero Detto returns again for Term 4, and Christine Wines (i.O., Annoyance) has recently joined LMA from Chicago.

We’re looking forward to all the awesome shows to come!



  1. Jeff Mesina
  2. Andrew Wowk
  3. Bree Collins
  4. Varun Narik
  5. Talya Finberg
  6. Happy Feraren
  7. Michelle Cafai
  8. Rebecca Hurd
  9. Michael Probert
  10. David Coupland

Coach: Jero Detto


  1. Naomi Moira
  2. June Waldenberger
  3. Geoff Agnew
  4. Stu Dowling
  5. Larry Orkin
  6. Marc-Antoine
  7. Damian Coz
  8. Natalie Jones
  9. Danni Dimitri
  10. Jessisca Lloyd

Coach: Christine Wines


Author: - LMA

Sydney House Team Audition Results - Term 4, 2018 The Home of Improv and Sketch Comedy in Australia

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