Don’t get lost after Level 4. There’s lots of ways you can stay involved with the LMA community and keep sharing the love.

The most obvious is to take Level 5.

Here are seven other things you can do:

1. Audition for a House Team
This is the obvious step for a lot of students, and it is a lot of fun. But it’s not the only option. If you do get on a team, congrats! You’ll be able to perform at least twice a month at LMA produced shows. If you’re not interested, or haven’t yet gotten onto a House (or Practice) Team, don’t stress. We’re always trying to create new Teams, so if you don’t get on one the first time you audition, keep practicing, jamming, and taking workshops – and then audition again. You’ll get there!

2. Form an Indie Team
Whether you make it onto an official LMA House Team or not, forming an Indie Team with players you love is a great idea, and one that the school fully supports. We even have an Indie Team show in the works, so if you’re not on a House Team, or a Practice Team, make up your own team!

3. Coach
Just about anyone who is passionate about improv can be a Coach, assuming they’ve made it through Level 4. For more on this, please see David Tieck’s excellent post about coaching.

4. Get on the Teacher Track
As the school grows there are ever increasing opportunities for students to become teachers. And most teachers will tell you that teaching makes you a better improvisor yourself, plus you get paid, so it’s a win/win!

5. Get involved with LMA Training
LMA Training is LMA’s corporate training arm and we work with some of the biggest and brightest brands and businesses across Australia and Asia Pacific. If you want to help share the benefit of improv skills in a workplace environment, this might be a great opportunity to explore.

6. Work at Shows
If you haven’t noticed it’s not just the performers on stage who make LMA shows great. There’s people helping out as Directors, Producers, Stage Managers, Technicians, Front of House and more. This is a wonderful way to support the LMA community and you can learn more about who can do what, when in this LMA progression post.

7. Work at the School
There’s all sort of things that happen behind the scenes that make LMA the fastest growing comedy school in the southern hemisphere. And we can always use more help. Check our jobs page and learn more about paid and work for classes opportunities.

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