Here at LMA we often get asked how people can get more involved with the school, and in particular, shows. So, as we head into Term 2, we thought we share some specific information about how you can become an even bigger part of our community.

As you progress through LMA’s curriculum, each level unlocks more opportunities – not just as a performer, but all kinds of other ways too.

Level Up & Unlock More Funny Stuff The Home of Improv and Sketch Comedy in Australia

As you can see on the chart above, once you get past Level 1 Improv a whole world of possibilities begins to unfold. From helping run shows as a Technical Director (it sounds harder than it is) to putting on your own shows (which you can totally do) – everything and anything is within reach.

Please note that we have always encouraged students to go see at least two improv shows a term as part of the requirement for advancement into the next level.  As of Term 2, 2018, all students in Level 2 Improv and beyond will also be asked to help put on at least one show per 8-week term, so its worth looking at the progression plan and thinking about what you might like to do – or learn how to do.

The good news is we are heading rapidly towards having at least one LMA show a week in both Sydney and Melbourne, so there are sure to be lots of opportunities to play and help support the community as we continue to grow.

As always the supportive LMA Teachers, Staff and wider community is here to support you and help you succeed in however you choose to get involved. We got your back.

How far will you go for a laugh?


  1. Can Host
  2. Can Tech
  3. Can Audition for Practice Team


  1. Can Produce
  2. Can Stage Manage
  3. Can Host
  4. Can Tech
  5. Can Audition for House Team


  1. Can Direct
  2. Can Produce
  3. Can Stage Manage
  4. Can Host
  5. Can Tech
  6. Can Audition for (and be on) House Team
  7. Can put on own show at OPEN MINDED

Show Running Roles

A performing role, the Host introduces and presents the show to the audience. This includes warming up the audience, giving them the running order, explaining and plugging upcoming classes, workshops and LMA’s Second Saturdays free intro classes. Also includes explaining and plugging the jam if there is one, introducing individual acts, and sharing anything else that needs to be presented to the audience. This role works in conjunction with LMA senior staff, the Director, and the Stage Manager to make sure everything is announced properly.

Locate and gather music, audio and lighting cues that represent the mood of the show. Edit and create a playlist (s) for the tech to use during the running of the show. Create an audio/video cue sheet for use during the show. Liaison with any venue tech on the night of the show to make sure they have a solid grasp of how to use the necessary equipment.

Responsible for running the show the night of. This includes, but is not limited to show day pre-production, bump in, welcomes/safety intros, calling Tech run/run through, liaising with any additional backstage crew, working with venue techs for LX/AV and general technical considerations, calling intervals and act beginners, calling the show if needed, cueing performers to come on, announcing call times, liaising with teachers and coaches (who are the player contact points) to make sure they are sorted for the show, working with venue FOH (Front of House), the show crew, and making sure we are bumped out correctly and promptly at the end of the night. They are the first person in and the last person out.

Responsible for making sure the show happens, and the lead-up to the show. Venue, ticketing, front of house, volunteers, props, raffle tickets, announcements. Makes sure all the ducks are in a row. In charge of the show until the Stage Manager takes over, after which they are only responsible for everything else.

Responsible for creative decisions for the show, e.g. casting the host, agreeing the show cast (including guest monologist etc. if required), creating the running order (including show formats if appropriate) ensuring sound design is done, ensuring the lighting design and LMA signage (and other backdrops as necessary) and props are done, scripts/intros etc. are written. Appointed by the LMA EP or the LMA Artistic Director. Works closely with the Production Manager and Stage Manager to put on an awesome show that audiences want to come back to.

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Level Up & Unlock More Funny Stuff The Home of Improv and Sketch Comedy in Australia

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