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Improv gives you super powers.
And we wouldn’t make that up.

Improv is a great tool for anyone interested in personal & professional development. Our classes will improve your creative thinking, problem solving, idea generation, teamwork, communication skills and self-confidence, all in a safe environment that’s loads of fun. And if you’re an Actor, Model, Writer, Director, Producer or Comedian then you already know how valuable Improv training can be, so connect with us @laughmasters so you don’t miss out.

Improv helps with:

  • Increased Confidence
  • Improved Creativity
  • Clearer Communication
  • Faster Comprehension
  • Smarter Decision Making
  • Superior Ideation & Innovation Skills
  • X-Ray Vision*
  • Being Present and Aware
  • Committing to an Idea
  • Listening – in Life and On Stage
  • Reacting, not Acting
  • Dealing with Reality
  • Being more Accepting
  • Seeing more Possibilities

Improv is great for:

Learn to set up stories, articles, and ideas quickly and efficiently, develop ideas faster, see comedy in action vs. in your mind, develop characters/traits, and network with other Writers, Directors and Actors. Some of the most famous comedy teams met in improv classes – Recent example: Kristen Wiig &  Annie Mumolo who co-wrote Bridesmaids.

Gain self-confidence, improve quickness and wit, lose your inhibitions and audition better, learn to react rather than “act.” If you’re not convinced Improv is for you just check out the Alumni lists at our Instructor’s schools. Improv may make you famous too!

Better understand comedy and humor and its sources, get to the heart of what’s funny, faster, develop skills to better work with Actors and improve your writing. Become more economical with scene setup, timing and action.

Solve problems faster!  Great Producers come to the table with solutions, not problems, and the improv skills you’ll learn in these workshops will have you generating ideas and thinking up new ways to get things done faster than ever before.

Improve quickness and wit, practice playing with, and off, a crowd and develop new material faster. Learn to communicate and create laughter with your body and your voice.

Public Speakers/Presenters
Improvisors are great communicators. Get better at thinking on your feet and being in the moment. Develop stage presence, conquer fear of crowds and feelings of vulnerability without having to imagine your audience naked. Yecch.

Learn tools and exercises that will improve your ability to think outside the box, build teamwork, and foster creativity and innovation.

Business Leaders
Discover a liberating approach to your work and ways of relating to your staff. Improv brings teams closer and allows you to live, work and stay focused and present in the moment to achieve true Executive Poise and achieve better results.

Sales People
Learn the Art of Active Listening and discover what customers are really saying. Get better at thinking on your feet and reacting to customers needs while staying calm and cool under pressure.

Advertising Professionals
If ideas are you currency, Improv will make you rich. Or at least provide you with valuable tools to help you come up with fresh, award-winning ideas faster and communicate them more succinctly and clearly.

Get better at coming up with intrinsic ideas that specifically relate to your client’s brand. Gain the confidence it takes to sell in the work you’re most proud of. Learn listening skills to help you better interpret client feedback.

Gain confidence, poise and a newfound comfort in your own skin. Pose without posturing and remove fear around looking silly in front of others – and the camera. Play theatre games that may help you discover if acting is your next career move.

People who Like to Have Fun
Live in the moment, lose your inhibitions, make new friends and laugh. A lot. Plus you’ll pick up some super power people skills along the way. Like learning to read body language and understanding what’s not being said.

People who Skipped to this Last Point
Learn to look, listen and stay in the present moment, focused and acutely aware of who and what is going on around you. Show your ADHD who is boss. Focus is your friend.

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