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What to do When the Silly Season Ends

Can you feel it in the air? The “Silly Season” is nigh. In Australia this time of year signifies the start of summer and a time to put the tools down and enjoy a well deserved break, typically involving copious amounts of drinking, dining, and discussion about who did what (or who) at the company Christmas party.

Depending on who you ask, the Silly Season starts sometime in late November and ends sometime in early January. And while some legends manage to keep the party going all the way to “Dry July,” there is a real risk that by the time everyone comes back to work in the New Year, any team building or open communication that went down at the company Christmas party will have long since worn off.

So how do you get people feeling excited, rejuvenated and fired up when its time to pick up the tools again? One idea is to run a Business Improv Workshop. When it comes to “improv” most people think of TV shows like “Thank God You’re Here,” or live shows like TheatreSports. And if you’ve ever seen one of these shows, the things the performers do on stage can seem like magic. But it’s not. They’re just trained to listen, be accepting of each other, build on each other’s ideas, make each other look good, and above all else, trust that everyone on stage has got their back.

What to do When the Silly Season Ends The Home of Improv and Sketch Comedy in Australia

Wouldn’t it be amazing if everyone you worked with operated this way? Imagine being able to float any idea, to anyone in your company without fear of judgement, or being told “no” without your idea ever being truly considered? Imagine feeling like everyone you work with is on your side with a shared goal of making everything you do together bigger and better. Imagine being able to think faster on your feet, and enjoying increased confidence when it comes to public speaking, presenting, and innovating.

It can happen. And it does happen. We’ve seen it over and over again at LMA. Which is why we can confidently say there’s no better way to say sayonara to the Silly Season and kick off 2017 than by running a fun, interactive and engaging Business Improv session for your team. Yes, “Business Improv” may sound like an oxymoron (Jumbo Shrimp / Military Intelligence), but there’s a serious side to improv, and in this context it’s all about learning how to listen, work collaboratively, respond to failure, and adapt when the unexpected happens.

An improv based corporate training program will help you get better at all of the above, along with delivering new tools for innovation, negotiation, mindfulness, and authentic, thoughtful leadership. And at the end you, and your (hopefully sober) team, will walk away with improved communication and presentation skills, and a set of techniques you can put to immediate and effective use on the job. And at the pub.

Book now for early 2017 and discover why Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Fast Company and Entrepreneur, all agree “improv is seriously good for business.

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