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Medland Metropolis Scores Big with LMA Corporate Training

Here at LMA we always do follow up surveys with both our regular students and corporate clients in an effort to continually improve our offering. We take every bit of feedback on board and implement change whenever and where ever possible to make sure you receive the best improv based training in Australia.

So you can imagine how thrilled we were to learn that one of our recent corporate training clients not only did their own internal survey, but shared the impressive results with us as well. You can see their answers to the last two questions below. According to Oliva O’Connell at Medland Metropolis this was “one of the highest scoring workshops” they’ve ever done.

Who knew improv could teach us in the engineering industry so many simple and effective communication techniques for improving collaboration and building great relationships? Whether it is simply remembering to make eye contact when saying ‘hello’ in the morning or suspending judgement to create an environment where everyone’s ideas are heard, our team took a lot from the philosophies delivered by LMA and have already started implementing them in our everyday communications with co-workers and clients. What a successful workshop!

– Olivia O’Connell, Medland Metropolis Engineering

LMA’s corporate training programs get real results. Here’s how Medland Metropolis Engineering, who we’ve worked with twice now, describe their experience on their own website.

  • Do your staff need to communicate better?

  • Do they sometimes struggle to articulate what they really mean?

  • Are they so bogged down by what’s isn’t working that they can’t build on the things that are?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above then a corporate training day with LMA can help. Using the fundamentals of improv including the famous “Yes, and…” technique we will lead your group through a session using procedural knowledge that will help them come together as a team, learn to “React, Adapt & Communicate” and use the power of Divergent and Convergent Thinking to innovate, solve business issues, build on – and support – each others ideas, and move forward as a cohesive group.

For more information, check out our Professional Development page or get in touch.

Medland Metropolis Scores Big with LMA Corporate Training The Home of Improv and Sketch Comedy in Australia
Medland Metropolis Scores Big with LMA Corporate Training The Home of Improv and Sketch Comedy in Australia
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