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Thank you to all the amazing people who came out to audition for a spot on one of LMA’s Sydney House Teams.

It was our biggest audition ever with a fantastic turnout of talented and wonderful people across a multitude of levels and we are so excited to see your enthusiasm, and our community grow.

We’ve filled the vacant spots on SHUTUP DARRYL and LOLWHUT and have decided to run a small Practice Team as well.

If you made it onto a team, congratulations! The next step is for you to submit a headshot, short bio and any social media handles you’re comfortable sharing so we can add you to the Performers page. And yes we know there are a few current team members who haven’t supplied these yet. You know who you are.

If you didn’t make it onto a team yet, don’t despair – find people you like playing with, form an indie team – this can be two, three, or more people – then practice, jam, find a Coach, and keep taking classes and coming to workshops. We will find opportunities for you to perform!

LMA will be holding more auditions and forming more teams later in the year. So you’ll get lots more chances.



  1. Jeff Mesina
  2. Alistair Magee
  3. Andrew Wowk
  4. Nish Merchant
  5. Bree Collins
  6. Varun Narik
  7. Talya Finberg
  8. Happy Feraren
  9. Michelle Cafai
  10. Rebecca Hurd

Coach: Jero Detto


  1. Naomi Moira
  2. June Waldenberger
  3. Geoff Agnew
  4. Stu Dowling
  5. Larry Orkin
  6. Marc-Antoine
  7. Carolyn Mullen
  8. Damian Coz
  9. Natalie Jones
  10. Rachael Millanta

Coach: Rebecca Hurd


  1. Jasmine Langdon
  2. Asha Ray
  3. Giovanna Rojas
  4. James Tranter
  5. Patrick Golamco

Coach: Andrew Wowk

Author: - LMA

Sydney House Team Audition Results The Home of Improv and Sketch Comedy in Australia


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