Jonathan Pitts has spent nearly 30 years in the Chicago Improv Scene and in that time he’s learned a thing or two about what makes schools and their communities work. Here he informally shares some fundamental guidelines that will help protect all the things that make LMA, and our ever growing community, special.

  1. Don’t gossip.
  2. Don’t bitch.
  3. If you’ve got a complaint, take it to the appropriate person and strive be as clear and open in your communication as you are when you’re improvising.
  4. People get to say no offstage. People get to have different opinions and options.
  5. Remember everyone owns an equal piece of the community, but no one owns your piece except you, so treat it well.
  6. Diversity of thoughts and feelings creates a stronger and more vibrant community.
  7. Remember community means to commune, so join in.
  8. Play with as many people as possible. You and the community will be stronger for it.
  9. Respect is what you give, not what you get. If you are feeling unappreciated, give some appreciation and watch what happens.
  10. A community is defined not by who they keep out but who they let in.

If you didn’t get a chance to participate in any of Jonathan’s workshop while he was here, check out the LMA social media for some great quotes and tips, or talk to someone who came. And whatever you do, don’t miss them next year.

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Some Informal Community Guidelines from Jonathan Pitts The Home of Improv and Sketch Comedy in Australia

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