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No Joke! Improv is Seriously Good for Business.

There’s more to improvisation than comedy – and it’s not just for funny people. In fact, improv is primarily about learning to react authentically and stay in the present moment at a very high level. This awareness has all sorts of business benefits which is why we call it “Yoga for your communications skills.”

I believe in it so much, I set up a LMA to help more people in Australia benefit from this wonderful training. Because the fact is, you’re only going to go so far in life and in business if you don’t know how to listen, work collaboratively, respond to failure, and adapt when the unexpected happens. The improv based corporate training programs we run at LMA will help you get better at all of the above, along with delivering new tools for innovation, negotiation, mindfulness, and authentic, thoughtful leadership.

If this sounds interesting to you, then you’re in luck, because we will be running two extremely discounted open workshops as part of the 2016 VIVID Ideas Festival in Sydney. These workshops (choose from a morning or afternoon session) are for anyone who wants to get better at: thinking on their feet, working well with others, public speaking, presenting, innovating, and generally improve their listening and communications skills.

These special (and fun) mini-workshops will leverage the power of procedural learning and contextualised exercises, including Active Listening, Divergent & Convergent Thinking, and the world famous “Yes, and…” to teach serious business skills in a playful environment. You will leave with new tools and techniques you can immediately put to effective use in your professional and personal life.

In short, if you’re a human being and you work with other human beings, you will appreciate what this workshop has to offer. So come see why Harvard Business ReviewForbesFast CompanyEntrepreneur, and CNN all agree “Improv is Seriously Good for Business.”

Class Notes
– Come prepared to move around and participate in group games
– Wear comfortable clothing and shoes
– Limited to approximately 25 people per sesson
– Two sessions times available: Morning or Afternoon, both on 8 June

About LMA Professional Development
From Fortune 500’s like Cisco, Toyota and Accenture, to national firms like Medland Metropolis and Monogram, to boutique marketing agencies, start-ups, and sole-traders, LMA’s workshops have helped multitudes of people get things done better, faster, and happier. Find out more at www.LMA.Training

Eran Thomson is, among other things, the Founder and Executive Producer at Laugh-Masters Academy in Australia.