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Drum roll, please...
Introducing, the new LMA Ensemble!

Providing opportunities for student growth and development is one of our main goals at LMA. This year we’ve made two major changes; 1) Disbanding House and Practice Teams to form the LMA ensemble, and 2) putting on Indie Team shows every month.

The Indie Team model is far more flexible and means that anyone who wants to form a team can do so and get LMA coaching when it’s convenient for them. We hope to see more students forming their own groups to explore improv without having to go through auditions. Moreover, Indie Teams are given stage time every month – all they have to do is sign up!

As for the ensemble, we had a great audition turn out at the Chippo last 13 May and we thank each and every one of the students who showed up. We aim to hold auditions twice a year, and from here on, auditions will be open to anyone who is in, or about to enter Level 5, or has completed all 5 levels of the LMA improv program. There is no limit to the number of times you can audition.

The LMA Ensemble is envisioned to be the improv team that best represents what the school has to offer. This ensemble will be trained in performance and production by their coach, LMA Faculty, and LMA’s Artistic Director.

The ensemble will have regular monthly shows produced by themselves and will be instrumental in showing new students what can be achieved through training at LMA. The ensemble is a way for students to further hone their improv skills in the context of performance.

From the current house teams, Michael Probert, Brienna Collins, Damien Cox and David Coupland chose to join the ensemble.

And we welcome all the new members:

Ashlee Brown
Bianca Vitale
Jordan Deichen
Sophie Smit
William Walker
Roxanne Van Zyl
Josh Ravindran

Congratulations! You’re part of LMA History!

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LMA Ensemble Audition Results The Home of Improv and Sketch Comedy in Australia

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