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It has been a long journey with LMA, firstly consulting to the school on creative matters, then kicking off the Melbourne School and ultimately moving to Sydney to take on the Artistic Director role. Now, I’ll be taking on a new and exciting role – as a member of the community – as I step aside to deal with some health and family matters that have arisen over the year.

First in Melbourne and now in Sydney I have had the pleasure to work with talented and hilarious people who inspired me. You lit a fire under us all to build a place where you could grow, learn and be outrageously supportive of those around you. That’s where comedy lives.

I am incredibly proud of the quality of the work you all do and I will continue to take credit for all your successes; including the success of projects you contribute to well after this message.

To all the students who have gone, are going, or will go through the school, thank you for choosing to take that journey with us. You’ve found a very special group of people, who believe that you and your ideas deserve to be heard, heightened and explored. Believe them, because they absolutely believe in you.

I am humbled by and thankful to the teachers and house team performers I have had the pleasure of working with.

To those of you in Melbourne, your ability to see where this was all going and run towards it has been really touching.

To those of you in Sydney, I was worried that it’d be a tough slog to step into the company, and it never was, thank you for your friendship and your hard work.

To Elliot and Ryan, thank you for spending the time with us out here. I learnt a lot and I truly had a ball getting to play and learn from you both.

Thank you to the leadership team at LMA. Thank you for being part of the team and making me feel like part of a team that challenged and trusted me. There’s a lot I can’t wait for people to know is coming. Oh my!

David Evans, Thank you for introducing me to LMA and for being on my side. It wasn’t always easy, but knowing you had my back made a huge difference.

Eran, Thank you for the opportunity. Let’s have brunch at a weird place soon.

Vidya, Thank you for your enthusiasm, trust and willingness to challenge and drive a meaningful agenda in the company that has people in mind. I have grown as a person and artist for having access to your empathy and intellect.

Dan Thomas, who is taking over as Head of School – Melbourne and has been leading the cheer squad for LMA down there since we began and will now be in a position to do the most good. Keep doing that good stuff.

David Tieck, who is taking over as Artistic Director. You’re a weird dude and I love it, it’s been great getting to work with you on our teaching staff and I can’t wait to see what you do with this role. Let’s catch up soon.


Note from LMA Founder, Eran Thomson

Dan has been such a wonderful and valuable part of the LMA, and wider improv, community it’s almost impossible to imagine the school without him.

His passion, compassion, experience and expertise will be missed not only on stage, but by everyone at LMA who helps make our programs possible. He leaves the school better off than when he first got involved, and has helped set us on a wonderful and exciting trajectory, and for that I will always be grateful. Thank you Delicious Danny P.

While it’s sad to see a team member move on, Dan has passed the torch on to the wonderful and wild David Tieck, who will replace him as LMA’s Artistic Director starting this summer.

It’s an exciting time in LMA’s history, and we have a massive year in front of us to be very excited about. More improv classes, more sketch classes, more clown and stand-up too, more shows, more special workshops, new children’s classes, new teachers, new venues, new website – in fact there’s so much new, we’re gonna need a new word for new.

For now, let us all wish Dan the best. And keep a spot on stage open for him whenever he’s ready to come back and play

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Delicious Danny P Initiates a New Scene The Home of Improv and Sketch Comedy in Australia

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