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What Vanilla Ice Didn’t Tell You About Agile/Lean Methods

I have been working in the IT Industry for over a decade and in that time we have seen massive changes in how people are approaching how work gets done, people at all levels are collaborating in entirely new ways. From processes and practices thought up during the Industrial Revolution and then various Project Management principles through to the beginning of Agile principles, we now have truly liberating models that have transcended our humble beginnings.

For a long time Technical people (almost regardless of industry) have been asked only to be very good at their particular domain, and someone else would worry about all the business thinking.’ Well, that’s all changed; Technical people of all kinds being brought into the discussion well before project plans come out. On the business side, people from all areas are being invited to work together on developing ideas and concepts from end-to-end. No longer is the HiPPO (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion) the driver for change, but instead we are all taking part in a dialogue that drives creativity and action.

Unfortunately there hasn’t been a great deal of training, and whether you’re from IT, the Business, Financial, Marketing or some other area, you need a bit more support than just being told to collaborate and be innovative. Vanilla Ice at least told us to “Stop, Collaborate and Listen”, that’s a start, but it doesn’t get us very far.

Improv training and LMA in particular places a real focus on being bold with your ideas, supporting those around you and working creatively as a group to create something exciting and delighting; by using the best of what’s around you, people. Whether your workplace is progressive or not, these skills and experiences will help you engage more meaningfully with the people around you.

LMA Corporate Training can take this a step further, placing those tools and skills in a corporate context and extending them so that we are working on the unique challenges you face at work every day and provide tools and experience in opportunities that will let you leverage the strength of the people in your team. Experiencing this together in your Agile teams, or tribe, or whatever you call yourselves is another great way to mature the way you work and succeed together.

What Vanilla Ice Didn’t Tell You About Agile/Lean Methods The Home of Improv and Sketch Comedy in Australia