Santa Says Give the Gift of Improv

Here we go again. Another year ends and another one starts. Usually with one hell of a party.

But the end of the year is also a wonderful time for self reflection, goal setting, and putting a plan for personal progress into place. We believe the first spot to look when it comes to making your ambitions, goals, and dreams come true, is within. Because you gotta be the best version of yourself to get where you want to go. And if any small part of your plans for 2017 involves working or collaborating with other people, then an improv class at Laugh-Masters Academy is a great start.

When most people think of “Improv,” personal development may not be what springs immediately to mind. But if you ask any of our students, or read some of their Google reviews, you’ll start to see a just how magical and transformational an improv class can be. It goes well beyond being fun and funny. They discover something inside themselves they may have never known existed, or shared with the world. They leave behind behaviours and beliefs that may have previously held them back. They realise a personal confidence, self assurance, and trust in themselves and their peers that truly alters their world view for the better.

They don’t just play. They change.

And the same can happen for you. So take that brave first step: sign up for a class now and be a whole new you next year. Not that you aren’t pretty great already.