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On The Right Track

Carolyn Mullen is an LMA Student and an actor based in Sydney. Her passion for performing started at age 4. Since then she has studied at various schools including the Ensemble Studios under Zika Nester OAM, Actors Centre, NIDA, Theatre Sports and Macquarie University and has worked in theatre, film and television.

My journey with LMA started when I was looking for a comedy monologue to audition with. After reading hundreds of plays I decided to write my own, but wasn’t sure how to make it work.

I enrolled in LMA’s Level 1 Sketch Writing class and I loved it. I found it very challenging though as I was thinking too much and getting in my own way. So I thought this was a good time to enrol for an improv class.

‘’Although it was slightly daunting, by the second lesson I was addicted. I couldn’t wait to be back amongst the group and see what would develop each week.’’

By the end of Level 1, I knew wanted to become a improv teacher. I am thrilled to say that I am currently on the LMA Teacher Track Programme and  shadowing Josh Magee and his Level 1 class!  This has been an amazing experience and I am so grateful to LMA, Josh and the Level 1 Students for letting me be a part of their adventure.

I remember the first lesson of Level 1 I attended, titled ‘’Failing Joyfully’’ and of the 2 ½ hour class, I laughed 2 hours of it!. I have never had so much fun failing at something. There is nothing and nowhere that I have ever experienced that where this is ok.

Each class is filled with excitement, nerves and laughter, an addictive combination!