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LMA House Team Auditions - Term 4, 2016

Laugh-Masters Academy is inviting Students to audition for spots on Official LMA Improv House Teams.

LMA House Team Auditions - Term 4, 2016 The Home of Improv and Sketch Comedy in Australia

House Teams will be given opportunities to regularly perform on stage at The Factory TheatreThe Belvoir Theatre, and other venues, as well as, participate in official LMA events, represent LMA in the wider Improv community and showcase what is possible by training with LMA.

House Teams will practice regularly with an LMA assigned Coach, on a show form selected by LMA that is considered the best for that team based on skill level, type of players, or which form(s) LMA wishes to showcase.

Auditions are the only way to get onto a House Team!

Players are eligible to audition for, join, and continue membership on a House Team if they have:

  • Completed LMA’s Improv Level 1 and are currently an LMA Student; or
  • Are Assistant Teaching or Shadowing a class as part of the LMA Teacher Track: or
  • Have completed all levels of Improv at LMA
  • Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Artistic Director

The audition process consists performing a number of scenes for a Selection Panel consisting of current LMA Teachers and Management, and will last approximately 30 minutes, depending on the number of people auditioning.

While skill is important, selection for a team is not based on skill alone. Teams need a balance of different player types, gender, age and other non-improv related criteria in order to work well as a group.

Above all else remember that auditioning should be fun, and we got your backs!

Please register at the Auditions from 6:45 pm for a 7pm start on Thursday, November 17th 

Auditions will be held at Level 5 of 2-12 Foveaux St. in Surry Hills, Sydney. If you are going to be late, then please text Richard Bennett by 6:45pm on 0410 679 307 to let him know.

House Teams must practice with their Coach for at least 3 hours per fortnight, and Team Members are required to attend most practices or they may lose their place on the Team.

Each House Team must arrange their own space and time for team practice.

LMA will book House Teams to perform regularly on stage in front of an audience and Coaches will give notes to Teams after these performances.

Membership on a House Team is open ended, however LMA may also make changes to team membership at any time for any reason.

House Teams may also name themselves, and all names should be approved by LMA.

Auditioning for and joining a House Team is free of charge.

A Coach will be provided by LMA, and Players will be asked to pool funds to pay a minimum of $25 per hour to the Coach to cover his/her time. Teams may choose to pay more if they wish, but that is up to them and all fees are to be negotiated directly with your Coach.

Booking a regular practice space may incur additional fees, depending on the space, and this will be at the team’s expense. If you need space, please ask LMA Staff as there are many community venues available for reasonable fees.

We look forward to seeing you on stage!