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Just Say "No!" to Trust Falls

LMA Training recently sent a team of our Improv for Business Facilitators to the Blue Mountains for a 70 person corporate training workshop with M&C Saatchi and some of their lovely clients.

We said “no” to trust falls and still landed on our feet. LMA Training joined M&C Saatchi and friends, clients, and collaborators up in the Blue Mountains for an afternoon of improv based corporate training that was both fun, and at times, funny. Despite the multi-million dollar renovation, even the squeaky floorboards of the Hydro Majestic seemed to be laughing along as we split into groups to work on our communication skills. From active listening, to learning the art of “Yes, and…” everyone jumped in and exercised their bodies and brains all the while developing new skills and acquiring tools for better collaboration, communication, innovation and storytelling. It was a fantastic session and we hope the learnings stick, and the productive and pleasant conversations continue for all.
– Précis from the forthcoming workshop book

M&C Saatchi we’re looking for something different they could do with this mixed group of marketing professionals that would encourage networking and nurture existing client/agency relationships. Thankfully, Chief Strategy Officer, Justin Graham had experienced a bit of what we do at a previous workshop we ran for the Communications Council and gave us a call. Next thing you know we’re up at the Hydro Majestic Hotel where, despite a multi-million dollar renovation, the floors still squeak.

All the informal feedback has indicated that people loved the workshop and the results from our survey show over 65% of participants ranked the sessions “Very Good/Excellent,” which is awesome!
– Lucy Billington, Group Marketing Director M&C Saatchi

All in all it was a fantastic day working with really smart people. We even had the talented Bill Hope on hand to capture the days learnings and highlights in the illustration seen above.

If you’re interested in working with LMA (with or without an Illustrator) please get in touch. We promise to deliver durable tools for better communication, innovation, and mindful leadership – and we’ll never make you do a trust fall.