Jeff Mesina Makes LMA History!

Laugh-Masters Academy is thrilled to announce Jeff Mesina will be joining the LMA Teacher Team in Term 2, 2017.

Jeff is the first ever LMA student to complete our Teacher Training Track and become a teacher. This is an exciting and wonderful moment in the history of the school and for our growing community. If you’re interested in getting on the Teacher Track let us know and we’ll get you on board for the upcoming term. You’ll start as a Shadow, then become a TA, and then… Be like Jeff and get paid to teach improv!

I am so excited for Jeff and all the future students who will get to work with him. He is a true educator, a wonderful collaborator, and we’re lucky to have him. – Eran Thomson, Founder LMA

For those of you who don’t already know, Jeff is an improviser and actor from Toronto, Canada who has crafted his comedy chops in improvisation and sketch at The Second City, Improv Australia, and Laugh-Masters Academy. He has also worked in small group improv workshops with the legendary Joe Bill and the talented Lyndsay Hailey.

He  has studied the Stanislavsky Method and Michael Checkov Acting Technique with Natela Dzuliashvili at the Acting World school in Sydney and recently worked with a talented group of improvisers and actors in the web series “I Know You Are“.

He is also currently a member of the LMA House Team Lolwhut? playing shows at The Night Shift, House Party, Inappropriate Response and Good Ass Improv.

Jeff is a passionate teacher and committed student of improv. He holds a Master’s Degree in Teaching and a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and Management from the University of Sydney.

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