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Improv Gifts For Your Workplace

How often in the working world do we experience not being heard? Whether it’s because you can’t get your boss or coworkers time and attention, or because your thoughts and ideas are responded to with what feel like prepared statements, we’ve all felt alone in the workplace.
One of the most powerful gifts Improv can provide to the people who you work with, and around, is the simple gift of being (and feeling) heard.
Improv, and LMA in particular, places a practical focus on listening. The simplest example of this is just giving someone the time and space to share something with you, and goes all the way up to really connecting with their experience and feeling in that moment.
Aside from the inter-personal benefit and increased connection with our workmates – which can only make your life easier – we know that when people feel listened to, there are many other benefits. They tend to listen back, share more with their colleagues, and just have a better time.
Improv Gifts For Your Workplace The Home of Improv and Sketch Comedy in Australia
“I hear you” – What Michael is probably thinking.