Dan Pavatich is Everywhere

If you’ve been in any way involved in the Melbourne comedy scene over the past few years, then chances are you’ve come across Dan Pavatich. And while those of us stuck in Sydney may have felt somewhat deprived by the tyranny of distance, that’s all about to change because Dan is moving!

Now before any debate begins about the merits of either city over the other, let’s just agree that more Dan is more better. And before any Melbournites decry that his moving actually means less Dan, the reality is that he will be transitioning into a full-time leadership role at LMA. This means he can spend more time helping to take LMA to the next level – in both cities. Yeah, we know. Awesome.

Now, Dan is not the type to “big up” himself, so we wanted to take a moment to share with you some of the reasons why his getting more involved in the day-to-day at LMA is going to be wonderful.

  • Melbourne: Dan has already been working in a similar part-time position as Artistic Director in Melbourne, and has not only been instrumental in helping get the program off the ground there, he has attracted incredible talent to the Teaching Team. Over the past two terms he has started to get a clear understanding of how the school works and what steps are needed to keep LMA on its trajectory towards further greatness.
  • Experience at The Improv Conspiracy: Dan has witnessed first hand what it takes to grow an improv school from scratch. And while the goals for LMA may be ambitious, the knowledge and experience he brings is invaluable.
  • Chicago and LA Trained: One of the founding LMA principles is that we teach what they teach in Chicago, LA, New York – the fact that Dan has studied at nearly every single major improv school in the US bolsters credibility and gives us the benefit of a broad perspective.
  • Comedy is Life: Dan will tell you himself he wants to make comedy his life’s work, and by taking a role with LMA, he’s taking a first being step to making that happen.
  • What else? He’s a great performer, great collaborator, great with people, and he brings a perspective, personality, and practical experience that will be a welcome addition to the team.

You will start to see more of Dan in the coming weeks and we hope you will welcome him in the true spirit of the LMA improv community.

And as always there are plenty of opportunities for other people to get involved in the running of the school – Teachers, Stage Managers, Directors, Show Runners, Artistic Directors, Bloggers, Social Media Coordinators, Marketing and Web Experts, and more. If there’s things you want to make happen for the school, or for yourself, now is the perfect time to let us know. The best is yet to come.