Basic Improv, Level 2 & Advanced Classes with WestSide Comedy Theater

Improv is a Great Tool for Everyone

If you’re an Actor, Model, Writer, Director, Producer or Comedian then you already know how valuable Improv skills are. But they're not just for performers, they're skills for life: clearer communication, faster thinking, improved creativity and confidence, and more. Who doesn't want all that? For more info, read our post: Who Should Take Improv & Why.

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Let’s Get Down to Business

Looking for ways to bring improved communication and presentation skills into your workplace? Want to increase your staff's self confidence and Executive presence? Or maybe you could use some new tools for innovation and idea generation? Our team-building, silo-busting Corporate Training Programs could be just the ticket.

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WestSide… Reprazent!

We're very pleased to announce a new partnership with the WestSide Comedy Theater in Los Angeles. In their own words they "own comedy West of the 405" and they just won “Best Comedy Club in LA.” We look forward to bringing their expert Instructors even further West to Australia in January for some World Class Improv Workshops.

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Improv Can Turn You into a Superhero!

Special Guest Instructor Greg Tindale shares his thoughts on how Improv gives you special skills and discusses his teaching style.

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January Basic Improv Workshops

You can count on our professionally trained Instructors to quickly put you at ease so you can be silly without being self-conscious. You'll learn exercises and play games that improve creative thinking, problem solving, idea generation, teamwork, communication skills and self-confidence - all while living in the moment and having a rollicking good time.

Skills You Will Develop:

  • Being Present and Aware
  • Committing to an Idea
  • Listening - in Life and On Stage
  • Eliminating Pre-planning of Lines
  • Reacting, not Acting
  • Playing the Reality of a Situation without Trying to be Funny
  • Being more Accepting

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Students & Teachers Agree

Improv Gives You:

  • Increased Confidence
  • Improved Creativity
  • Superior Communication Skills
  • Better Listening Skills
  • Faster Comprehension

Fundamentals Include:

  • Character Work
  • Situation Work
  • Labelling
  • Emotional Choices
  • Physical Choices
  • Taking care of your Partners
  • "Yes, and…" and "Don't deny"

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Musical Improv: A Chat with Robot Teammate & The Accidental Party

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In Business, You’re Only as Good as your Ensemble

Improv Comedy Training is Seriously Good for Business If you’ve ever been to an Improv Comedy show, than you already know the best laughs come when all the players are observing, listening, communicating and acting consciously. The Pros know how to stay present and work towards a common goal of making each other look good,… Read more


The Ad Agency Creative Dept. is Dead

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Staying Present and Aware

Here’s a interesting article from the Harvard Business Review about using meditation to stay present and aware in life and in business. They make some great points, but as any Improvisor will tell you, meditation is not the only way to stay “present and aware.” After all, that’s a huge part of what learning improv is… Read more

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