Improv is a Great Tool for Everyone

Improv isn’t just for Comedians and Performers. It teaches skills for life: clearer communication, faster thinking, improved creativity and confidence, and more. But don’t take our word for it, listen to what LMA Students have to say about their experience and then read: Who Should Take Improv & Why.

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Let’s Get Down to Business

LMA’s custom tailored Professional Development Programs will improve your team’s presentation, communication and collaboration skills, help them to think quickly, react confidently, and behave authentically, as well as provide invaluable tools for idea generation and innovation.

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Our unique curriculum is expanding in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane with new Instructors joining the roster and more Workshops to be announced. Make sure you don’t miss out: Subscribe to our Blog and connect with LMA on social media to be first to know about upcoming events and Early Bird deals.

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Improv Level 1 & Improv Level 2 with David Evans

In these 8-week workshops you'll learn exercises and play games that improve creative thinking, problem solving, idea generation, teamwork, communication skills and self-confidence - all while living in the moment and having a rollicking good time. Check out the LMA Curriculum for more details.

Skills You Will Develop:

  • Being Present and Aware
  • Committing to an Idea
  • Listening - in Life and On Stage
  • Eliminating Pre-planning of Lines
  • Reacting, not Acting
  • Playing the Reality of a Situation without Trying to be Funny
  • Being more Accepting


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Students & Teachers Agree

Improv Gives You:

  • Increased Confidence
  • Improved Creativity
  • Superior Communication Skills
  • Better Listening Skills
  • Faster Comprehension

Fundamentals Include:

  • Character & Situation Work
  • Labelling
  • Emotional & Physical Choices
  • Taking care of your Partners
  • "Yes, and…" & "Don't deny"

FREE Improv Workouts w. David Evans

LMA's Bi-Weekly Workouts (that's fortnightly) are a great way to keep those Improv skills fresh in-between workshops. Open to all Improvisors with at least Level 1 (Basic) Improv training at LMA or elsewhere. And yes, they're free, although we do ask that you consider donating to your "Instructor's Bar Tab."

No Registration Necessary – Just Show Up!

First and 3rd Wednesdays, 6:30pm at The Local Taphouse (upstairs) in Sydney. Led by David Evans. Contact us for info about Workouts in Brisbane or Melbourne, and if you're interested in running some, we'd love to hear from you.

Improv Can Turn You into a Superhero!

Special Guest Instructor Greg Tindale shares his thoughts on how Improv gives you special skills and discusses his teaching style.

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Convince Your Boss!

We’ve written a template letter you can use to help convince your Boss to fund your attendance at a Laugh-Masters Academy Workshop. Just fill in the blanks, print it out, or copy and paste it into an email. We’ve even included some links to media articles about the benefits of improv in business. Download it as TXT / DOC now.

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Improv in Business: Real Estate

Special Guest Instructor, Greg Tindale is a Realtor by day and a Washington Improv Theater performer by night. Here he is getting some recognition in his local newspaper for how he puts improv skills to use in his day job. Reprinted from The Dupont Current, written by Beth Cope. Local Realtor puts his Varied Improv Tricks to Work with his People Skills…. Read more

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LaughMasters Academy FREE Bi-Weekly Improv Workouts

Hey Fools! FREE Bi-Weekly Workouts Start April 1

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15 Reminders for Every Improviser

LMA is pleased to bring you these fifteen great reminders from Andel Sudik: We all hit plateaus in improv. After you’ve been improvising for a while, you might not even realise you forgot some of the things that made improv magic for you to begin with. I teach improv– and while I remember to tell my students these things, I… Read more

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